Caterpillar Room

Welcome to Caterpillars

Caterpillars is our dedicated room for children aged 2-3 and provides an environment where children are happy, comfortable and stimulated.  The room is open plan and gives children the freedom to explore independently.  It has carpeted areas, cosy areas, wet area and a sensory  area too. Shelves are stocked with a a variety of resources which are carefully selected to support children at this stage of their development.  Consideration is also given to providing resources that support the children’s own interests.

Sensory Room

In the caterpillar room we have our own sensory room. This is a calm and relaxed area which has been designed to stimulate the senses and provide sensory feedback. It is also an area where children can go if they need quiet time with an adult or if they are finding the main room too stimulating.  It is used by all of the caterpillar children including those with additional needs.  In the sensory room there is a light up bubble tube, light up pebbles, mirrors,  books, soft toys, cushions and more. 


The children in Caterpillars spend lots of time outside.  They enjoy planting, watering and watching things grow in the garden, using the diggers in the digger area, playing in the water tray, making marks and drawing in the literacy shed, listening to a story in the cosy area, making mud pies in the mud kitchen and playing on the climbing frame, slide and in the sand pit.  Activities are also planned for them in the woodland too.

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