ELSA Room and Intervention Area

At Weaverham Pre-school we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated ELSA room and a separate quiet intervention area. We recognise the importance that early intervention has on children’s long term outcomes and development. We work together with parents and outside agencies following a collaborative approach to plan for the most effective support for children based on their individual needs. ELSA is a programme that is delivered by Helen, a qualified ELSA, to support the emotional well being of children. 

The ELSA room has been designed to be calm, relaxing and colourful and is filled with resources to help children to reflect on, and discuss their feelings.


The intervention area is a quiet space where 1:1 and group interventions are carried out by Beth, a qualified Early Years SENCO. The area has been designed to be calm, free from distraction and is not too overstimulating. 

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