Healthy Eating and Drinking


At Weaverham Pre-School we promote healthy eating and drinking.  Children are encourage to bring in a healthy snack each day. Children are given the option of having milk or water with their snack which is provided for free by Pre-School.

Additionally at Weaverham Pre-School we provide each child with their own water bottle free of charge. The water bottles are filled with fresh drinking water each morning and are regularly topped up throughout the day as needed. Children are able to freely access their water bottles throughout the day. At the end of each day all the water bottles are sterilised.   



Children are able to bring a packed lunch with them or a cooked meal can be purchased at a cost of £2.55 per day. The meals are cooked by chefs in Weaverham Academy’s kitchen. The meals are devised by Irish Masterchef winner Harry Marquart and are freshly prepared everyday. We realise just how vital it is for all children to develop healthy eating habits from a very early age, and the menus have been created to reflect both children’s preferences as well as introducing new tastes and textures.

Lunch menu

For those children who bring in a packed lunch we encourage parents to provide a healthy packed lunch. We ask parents not to send in fizzy drinks or sweets, a small chocolate biscuit is fine. We also ask that children’s lunches are packed in suitable containers (e.g no glass).

To provide some inspiration, below we have collated a list of options for food you could include in a healthy packed lunch box. We would love to hear your suggestions of other items that we could add to this page. If you have any ideas, please talk to a member of staff.

•Sandwich    •Wrap    •Bagel    •Pasta    •Lentil curry (or dhal) with chapatti    •Cherry tomatoes (chopped up)    • Carrot, celery and cucumber sticks   •Sticks of red and yellow pepper    •Cubes of cheese   •Hard boiled egg    •Sweetcorn   •Fruit fromage frais or yoghurt  •Raisins        •Any fruit* (see safety notice below)


Choking Hazards –  We ask that parents cut small round fruits like grapes, cherries, berries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes, into small pieces: cut lengthways and then again cut them in halves (quarters). We have provided a link below that details more choking hazards. Children are always supervised at mealtimes.


Allergies  If your child has any food allergies and/or dietary requirements please let us know  so we can accommodate their needs. We aim to include all children, when possible, and all staff are made aware of children’s allergies (food and otherwise).  

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