At Weaverham Pre-School we believe that promoting a love of reading is intrinsic to a child’s education, development and overall wellbeing. We have our own library area which is accessible to both our Caterpillar and Butterfly children. The library area is well resourced with plenty of books, puppets, audio books and story sacks.  This area allows children to independently look through the books whilst relaxing on the small sofas and beanbags and also allows them to participate in a small group sharing a story with their key worker. Additionally the library is also used for song time. The library  has a selection of musical instruments which children can use during song time. 

At Weaverham Pre-School we have a trained reading helper from Coram Beanstalk who comes in and reads stories with the Butterfly children once a week. The aim of Coram Beanstalk for Early Years is to help children develop their key pre-reading skills, as they are learning to read and they go onto become effective readers who, rather than disengaging because other uses of their time seem more attractive, continue to choose to read independently because they know it brings value to their lives.

For our Caterpillar children we take weekly trips to Weaverham Library whereby the children take part in Rhyme Time.  The Butterfly children also get the opportunity to visit the library periodically. 

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